Thursday, November 03, 2005

Are You an American?

I had received an e-mail from Arlie, a new and insightful commenter here, about looking at people as individuals, not racial or religious groups. I e-mailed him back with my opinion, which has led me to this post.

Are You an American? or are you an African-American, Mexican-American, Asian-American, Jewish-American, Muslim-American or White-American of European descent? If you are, then you are NOT an American. An American puts his/her American citizenship first, then their culture of origin second.

Why do people of different race have to be "victims". Blacks still claim being victims of slavery, although slavery has been abolished for over 100 years and discrimination, although Civil Rights laws have been on the books for over 40 years. The Native-Americans (they are the only ones that I feel deserve the dash American name since they were here first) claim oppression by the white, but that happened over 100 years ago. The real answer is, we are ALL Americans, Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow, Christian, Jews, Hindus and Muslim and we have all had ancestors that have been oppressed, that is why they came to America. Attitudes can only change if the people see it this way: not I am a African-American, but an American that happens to be Black, I am not a Asian-America, but an American that happens to be of Asian descent, I am not a Muslim, but an American who's faith is Islam. As long as people separate themselves into distinct groups and demand special treatment, we are going to have the problems associated with this separation of thoughts and cultures. There is nothing wrong with wanting to retain aspects of your original culture, but when it becomes more important than being an American, that is where the problem lies.

People that see themselves as being Americans first have the spirit and attitude that what has made this country great. Individuals with fortitude to strive for something better, to enrich everyone's lives, and embracing capitalism, which leads to the great advances in technology, medical sciences, comforts and advanced critical thinking. Being American means loving your country, loving the good and the bad, not wanting to leave because you think the wrong President was elected, supporting the troops, helping those in need without asking for attention or scamming the Gov't. This country is made up of millions of Americans, but if you were to listen to the MSM, you would only find separate groups clamoring for attention and whining about offenses and discrimination.

I feel you can only be a real American if you embrace the American culture and not take on the Dash American mentality, accept being an American first and a whatever second. I love being an American, and I love the different sub-cultures that America has to offer, but NOT at the expense of our American culture.

God Bless America and Americans

Mr Minority