Thursday, September 16, 2004

Today is UN Tirade Day!!

In honor of United Nations Secretary General Kofi "Dementia" Annan and his announcement that the War in Iraq was "illegal", we will be bringing you sources of the UN's "illegal" and "immoral" activities.

But before we do, we need to examine Kofi "French Roast" Annan and his role in the UN. Since he assumed being the Secretary General of the UN, the UN has: ignored more genocidal acts, increased corruption in their agencies, wimped out in confrontation against tyrants, and visiously promoted socialism. Kofi "Grinder" Annan is not competent enough to head the Organization for Collection of Used Snot Rags and Condoms. The UN and Kofi "The Limp Dick" Annan are ineffective and past their prime, thus they need to be cast off of the world stage as you would throw away an old stinky, shit filled diaper.

To start off UN Legacy, we have the recent "Oil for Food" scandal in which Kofi "I Love Arabs Only" Annan and his son, and cronies taking kickbacks from Saddam to sell oil. This oil was to support the people of Iraq with Food and Medicine. Did it go to those worthy causes? I don't think so. Thus the UN were starving the people of Iraq and propping up Saddam's murderous regime.

Next we have a trifle case (in the UN's eyes) of the Rwandan Genocide. The UN in it's mighty wisdom choose not to recognize the reality of the genocidal acts being committed in Rwanda until nearly a Million people were slaughtered! Another example of hemming and hawing and wishy and washy and non-decision making while tens of thousands of people were dieing a day. Yes, this is kind of World Leadership Organization we want running the Earth.

And then we have the honorable UN Peacekeeping Forces and their mission of protecting the people. Yes that's right they protect by RAPING them!!! That's like having Michael Jackson watching your children while you are out of town or Sandy Berger protecting your Top Secret papers.

Yes, the UN is the greatest Organization of Higher Morals and Effectiveness in the World today. They need to trashed, thrown out of NY, and sent packing like the hyenas they are!!

More to come, I just got started.

Mr Minority