Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Mr M is Sick and Tired of.......

The old saying of "ignorance is bliss" sometimes seems to be true. In this day and age, you are bombarded with information from TV Media, Print Media, Radio and the Internet. And when you see what is being said, not being said, how it is being said and the general going ons, sometimes I wish I was ignorant to it all. With all this information, it makes me sick and tired of what I see and hear.

I am TIRED of the Democrats and their slimey methods. I am TIRED of the way they, deny the truth, misdirect the truth and then blame someone else for exposing the truth. I am TIRED of them being for everything bad and obstructing or denying the good things. I am TIRED of Terry McAutliff, head of the DNC, this guy would make Boss Tweed look like a amateur. This guy probably has sold his soul to the Devil, just to push the Dems agenda. I am TIRED of John Kerry saying he is a Viet Nam Hero, when he is just a pissy little spoiled brat, who tried to make a name for himself. I am TIRED of the Clintons, a ruthless and immoral couple of Power Hungry junkies. Won't they ever go away? I am TIRED of Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson, they have no honor or morals in their endeavor to make a name for themselves on the backs of honest Black people.

I am TIRED of the UN. This organization is useless, because it is full of Con-Men, Pedophiles, Criminals, Hypocrites, Self-Centered Scum, whose only mission to scam the world into thinking that they are good for something.

I am TIRED of the EU and France. The EU and France suffer from an inferior complex, because they want to be as strong as the US, make world changing policies, and have the world eat out of their hands. What they don't realizes is that they are HAS BEENS. Some Countries in the EU (Ex-Soviet Satellites) are the only good thing about the EU. They are trying to better their countries economically and polically, but not the expense of others. Which brings me to an article I read last night about how the EU sent some Ministers to Sudan to check out the situation there. Their report - No signs of genocide!!! Can you believe that?!? What a bunch of Blinded, Bribe Taking, Self-Serving Wankers!!

I am TIRED of Michael Moore duping the public into believing his lies. This cretin spews crap on film and expects the stupid public to believe it, and some do. Someone needs to show him that the emperor has no clothes. I am TIRED of Foronicâ„¢ entertainers - Barbara Streisand, Tim Robbins, Danny Glover, Linda Roundass, The Dixie Chicks, Eddy Vetter, Bruce Bedsping, Whoopie "Cushion" Goldberg and Alex "I Have No Talent" Baldwin voicing their drivel and expecting us to allow them to, without objecting to it. If they want to spew, go ahead, but they should expect a backlash to their idiotacy.

I am TIRED of the Liberal Media. They print and tell slanted truths, lies, PC crap and treason. And they do it hiding behind the name of "Journalism". Well they have besmirched the names of the good journalists by acting this way. They are nothing but Girlie Men with no ethics at all anymore. I am TIRED of them lieing about Iraq, concentrating on the Deaths and not the Good that is being done there. I am TIRED of them sucking on Kerry and the Donks, and lieing about Bush.

I am Tired of Politcal Correctness. This is nothing more than speech limiting, humanistic BS, who's sole purpose is to control people and the way they think and speak. To Hell with them, if they don't like the way I speak, then they don't have to listen to me. But don't tell me I have to speak in a Polically Correct way, and expect me to follow like a good little socialist. I am Tired of the NEA & Acamdemia and their socialist agenda in teaching our children and young adults. I am Tired of No Spanking, No Dodgeball and no games in which there are winners and losers. To pander kids like this is to raise a generation of kids that are not able to deal with the real world and the ability to learn from mistakes.

I am TIRED of Enviromentalists & PETA and their Nature Good, Humans Bad crap. I say give them their way, by making fertilizer out of them. I am TIRED of the ACLU, Americans Against Church and State and all other Anti-Christian organizations. They are trying to push Christainity totally out of the public, squash our Freedoms of Speech and set up Humanism as the guiding moral doctorine of this country. BS, Humanism is self-centered and will ruin America. I am TIRED of people stomping on my Rights and Freedoms. My Right to own guns, my Right to Free Speech, my Right to illegal search and seizure, my Right to own property and not have it stolen through the illegal use of Emminent Domain, and my Right to Privacy.

Most people would say that ranting doesn't solve anything, and they are right. And they would say that One voice doesn't make a differnce either, and there again they are right. I may be One voice, BUT am One voice amongst a whole bunch that are tired of the same things I am, and when we get together and rant in unison we make a loud yell. The Liberal Media likes to ingore the Blog-o-Sphere, but they know we are here. They hope if they ignore our rantings, that we will go away, and that people won't listen to us. But they are just hiding from the truth and the realization that there are people out here that don't bend to their rules, and we will be heard. So keep speaking out against the injustices, the corruption and things that you are tired off, because if you don't, then you have surrendered to them.


Mr Minority - Tired from Ranting