Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hmmmm - Questions

Today I don't feel led to rant, rave or fisk a news story, today I am filled with questions and no real answers.

Why do people believe Kerry's lies? Are they just blinded by the Media? Do they not think for themselves? I truly can't figure it out.

Why do people hate Bush so much? Because he is trying to do the right thing in combating terrorism? Because he a professed Christian, and really practices what he preaches? What is it about people that blindly hate?

Why do people love the UN so much that they want to give away America's sovereignty and live in a "New World Order"? Is it because they like having a Gov't run their lives? Or is because they just hate America?

What happen to common courtesies? When people would say Hi! to each other, open doors, not be pushy, and wait their turn in line. Why is it that people have lost these manners?

Why do people think that they are "Owed" something in which they did not work for? Why does Jesse Jackson think that because I am white that I should pay for what happen over 100 years ago to his ancestors? Does he really think that I had anything to do with it?

Why do people hate Christians so much? Just because we acknowledge a Supreme Being and that Jesus died for our sins?

Why do people think that Gay Marriages, Abortion and Pedophilia are OK and should be accepted? Don't they know that these things are sinful and wrong?

Why do people hate other people that look different? They are hunman, they have feelings and think, and you may find out that they have a lot in common with you. So why the hatred?

Why do Enviromentalist, PETA, and Anti-Fur activists think they have the right to rule our lives? What makes them right and us wrong? Why do they think plants and animals are more important than Humans?

Do Gun Control Activists really think that removing guns from the law abiding citizens will reduce crime? Do they want everybody to be victims? Is it a power to control thing?

Why have a lot of lawyers besmirched their proffesion by bringing frivolous law suits, suing when they know that their client was being just plain stupid, or totaly distorting the truth to get their client off? What happen to ethics and professionalism in the practice of law?

I don't have the answers and I do seek them, but I can't fathom the depraved mind or greedy or the power hungry or the control freak or the just plain stupid. I will probably die before I ever get an answer, but at least I am smart enough to question and to not take every thing at face value.

Mr Minority