Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Senate Confirmation Hearings Smackdown

The confirmation of Judge Alito has been fun to watch and listen to. He has been handling the Lunitic Liberals on the committee like a 280 pound Runningback would handle a 5 year-old in full contact football, he just pushes them out of the way and keeps on running. Even the liberal rags of the MSM has admitted to Alito out finessing the swords of the Donks barbarians.

The NY Slimes actually praised him in an offbeat way:
"Judge Alito Proves a Powerful Match for Senate Questioners," read the headline of a "news analysis" piece in Wednesday's New York Times.

The report described Alito as an "elusive target" for Senate Democrats who are determined to paint him as an extremist. "For nearly eight hours, Judge Alito was placid, monochromatic and, it seemed, mostly untouchable," the New York Times opined.

Even the Left Coast Slimes concided that Alito was a rough nut to crack:
The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday compared Democrats on the Judiciary Committee to a "guerilla army searching for a weak point in a heavily guarded they challenged Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. at his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing."

The L.A. Times described Alito as "contained and controlled...never seeming to anger and only rarely displaying flashes of humor," and the newspaper admitted, "He demonstrated an encyclopedic knowledge of the cases he had decided on the 3rd Circuit, fielding detailed questions on dozens of them without referring to notes."

Than we have the American al-Jazeera AP:
The Associated Press reported that "Democrats appeared unable to stop the nomination, and seemed increasingly unlikely to mount a filibuster in the full Senate."

Planned Killerhood is stumped as to why he is sailing through:
Even a blog on the Planned Parenthood of America website wondered, "Where, oh, where is the drama in these hearings? Except for Dianne Feinstein's rally late today, it's like watching a tetherball tournament. Between the speech-making, his artful dodging, and the questions that not even Clarence Thomas could have messed up, I don't know how we're going to learn what he really thinks," the Planned Parenthood blogger wrote.

Yes, Samuel Alito is handling these slayers of decency like Superman would bullets, knocking them away without even a thought.

You GO Alito!!

Mr Minority