Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dead Rockers

Thanks to Insider at Independent Sources, who provided a link to a website that lists major Rockers when and how they died.

While perusing this list, I was suprized to find that several people that I thought were still alive when in fact dead.

Name, Band, Died, Age, Due to
Paul Butterfield, Butterfield Blues Band, 87-05-04, 44, Medical
David Byron, Uriah Heep, 85-02-28, 38, Heart attack
Randy California, Spirit, 97-01-02, 45, Drowned
Rory Gallagher, , 95-06-14, 47, Alcohol

I mean I have lost track of some of these guys, but I thought they had retired, not died.

I have/will miss Rory Gallagher, he was one great Blues player for a white Irish dude.


Mr Minority