Saturday, May 28, 2005

Happy News - Justice Against Jackson

Jesse Jackson has been abusing America for decades, going where he shouldn't go (Libya), stirring up trouble for nothing, and abusing the campaign finance laws. Well he finally got nailed for it.
The Democratic Party, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and two groups associated with the civil rights activist have agreed to pay a total of $200,000 in civil fines for campaign finance violations in the 2000 elections.

At issue in the Federal Election Commission case was about $450,000 in election spending by Jackson, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and the Citizenship Education Fund using funds from the groups. The two non-profit groups were incorporated, making their money corporate and subject to restrictions under federal campaign finance laws.

According to the FEC, the money was used for a partisan get-out-the-vote effort and voter registration speaking tour that was coordinated with the Democratic National Committee and included appearances by Jackson and Democratic House and Senate candidates.

Federal campaign finance law bans the use of corporate money for partisan, candidate-specific federal election activities.

Under an agreement with the FEC, Jackson and the two groups will share in a $100,000 civil penalty, and the DNC will also pay $100,000. The commission announced the outcome of the case Thursday.

Jackson is a washed up, big mouth, nobody that thinks that he worth listening to. His abuse of the system finally caught up with him, and unfortunately, it is a small fine. I with Jackson would slide into anonymity like the Dodo bird, never to be heard from again, but I am realistic, that Jackson will keep spouting his junk, hugging Donks and producing illegitimate children until he dies. Keep an eye on Jackson, he is bound to do something stupid again, and get into more trouble.

Mr Minority