Monday, April 04, 2005

The Donks Even Cheat and Lie Against Their Own

Everyone knows that the Donks are Liars, Cheats and Theives, but I wouldn't expect them to do it to themselves. But that has happened in NJ.
A political boss secretly taped in conversations in which he bragged of influence, bashed several politicians and - according to one interpretation - offered a bribe, is the victim and not the bully, his lawyer said Friday.

William Tambussi, an attorney for George E. Norcross III, said the tape shows Norcross is not a criminal but rather a tough-talking Democratic political strategist.

The state on Thursday released a tape of one conversation involving Norcross and the transcript of another.

John Gural, the Palmyra politician who made the recording, and Ted Rosenberg, the lawyer who sued for their release, have for years been trying to convince New Jersey and federal authorities to prosecute Norcross on political corruption on other charges.

They are also suing him, along with other businessmen and political figures in southern New Jersey, in a federal civil suit in which they claim they were victims of extortion and bribery.

Rosenberg is the Palmyra solicitor who ran against Norcross' hand-picked candidate for chairman of the Burlington County Democratic Committee in 2000.

He and Gural claim that Norcross and others threatened them and attempted to bribe Gural to persuade him to block Rosenberg from being reappointed as solicitor in 2001.

Rosenberg said the tape proves his case. He pointed to where Norcross told Gural, "You need to get rid of this f--- Rosenberg for me to teach this jerk-off a lesson."

In the transcript that was released, Norcross told Gural "We'd like to see you derive a little of that benefit."

Rosenberg said that was a bribe offer - a portion of government contracts in exchange for making sure Rosenberg was not reappointed.

"It doesn't get any better than that, other than him saying, 'Here's 500 bucks,"' Rosenberg said.

A Donk trying to bribe another Donk, and then that Donk turning him in. It sounds like a Donk soap opera, maybe it should be called "All My Illegitimate Children". I love it when Donks fight amoungst themselves, they reminds me of snakes fighting, because it doesn't matter who wins or loses, you have one less snake to worry about.

Mr Minority